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Resineo prim

Adhesion primer


Nature of the product Epoxy-based product
Density at 20°C A+B mixture: 1.13 ± 0.02
Composition of the 3 kg kit (1.35 kg part A and 1.65 kg part B).
Can be stored for 12 months from the date of manufacture, in its original sealed packaging and indoors between 5°C and 30°C.
Transport PRIM A: UN3082 classified; class 9; LQ = 5 L. PRIM B: not classified. Tested for transport at 60°C for 3 weeks.
Pot life 10°C: 2h30 / 20°C : 45min / 35°C : 30min.
Drying before application of the coating 10°C: Minimum 4h and maximum 24h.
20°C: Minimum 1h30 and maximum 24h.
35°C: Minimum 1h and maximum 24h.


✓ Two-component epoxy resin in aqueous phase.
✓ Compatible with the hydraulic binder-based substrates (concrete, smooth screed, mortar, etc.)
✓ Adhesion primer preparation for the RESINEO coatings
✓ Resurfacing mortar preparation for the hydraulic binder-based substrates

Permitted Substrates

✓ Concrete screed and concrete slab (compliant with DTU13.3 and 21)
✓ Tiling (not cracked and cohesive, compliant with DTU52.1)
✓ The substrate must have a minimum slope of 1.5% (terrace) to 2% (poolside).
✓ The substrate should be porous: water drop test less than 240 seconds. If the water drop test is less than 60
seconds, consider applying a second coat of primer after the first coat dries.
✓ Check the cohesion of the substrate by tensile adherence according to NF EN 13892-8. If the cohesion of the
substrate is insufficient (less than 1.0 MPa), consider using a grit-blaster to remove the non-cohesive parts.

Consumption, thicknesses and area performance

Use in Resinéo PRIM mortar: 1 prepared kit (A+B+Water+Sand=12.75 kg) → 6 to 8 m² on 10 mm
Use in Resinéo PRIM primer: 1 prepared kit (A+B+Water=4.5 kg) → 20 to 25 m² in 1 layer

Conditions for application

✓ Temperature of the air and the substrate: +10°C and +35°C.
✓ Air humidity: between 30% and 90% RH (relative humidity).
✓ The concrete substrate must be dry on its surface and must not have come in contact with water for at least
24 hours (rain or cleaning).
✓ Check the absence of precipitation in the 24 hours following the application.

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