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Playground flooring

Resineo Jeux is perfectly suited for playgrounds and other recreational areas designed for sports and water based activities. It is the first choice for the design and installation of shock-absorbing floors. 

Soft safety layer
Fit for intensive use
Made with natural rubber

Safe and aesthetic playgrounds

Ideal for creating playgrounds, Resineo Jeux is also used in schools and nurseries to make floors safer for children.

With its high elasticity combined with rubber aggregates, Resineo Jeux is a soft floor specifically designed to absorb falls, impacts and shocks, all thanks to its high bouncing capacity.

Aesthetically, this resin can also be declined in different colours in order to create delimited playgrounds, with fun colours.

Resineo Jeux is designed to make playtime worry-free by creating a personalised, fun and safe environment.

Resineo Jeux

A complete range

Thanks to its wide range of colours, Resineo Jeux gives your playgrounds a modern and playful look. Let your imagination run wild by creating unique and colourful shapes.

Do you have a playground development project?

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