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Who are we?

laboratoire innoresin

Our Story

INNOResin was born from the collaboration between LR Vision, a leading French laboratory in the industry and research and development, and a team with over 15 years of experience in construction and flooring in Europe and the Pacific. 

This partnership lead to the formulation of innovative products that are suitable for tropical climates. Our product range has been specifically designed to withstand the UV and humidity found in the southern hemisphere.

What makes us different?

Motivated by a constant desire for innovation, we focus our policy on quality and sustainability, as well as on Research and Development. In fact, InnoResin and its partner Resineo possess their own laboratory with experts in construction chemistry and floor coverings.  

Committed to the quality of its products and their application, InnoResin provides training for its approved applicators. The aim of these training courses is to ensure that the brand’s coatings are applied in accordance with the rules of the trade and thus fully meet the needs and expectations of both professionals and private clients.

Choosing Resineo products means choosing top-of-the-range, high-performance, aesthetic and durable coatings.

An innovating brand

The company's partnership allows it to pursue Research & Development in a highly performant laboratory.

Licensed applicators

We provide training to ensure that the brand's coatings are applied according to the trade's regulations.

15 years of expertise

In construction and flooring in Europe and the Pacific region.

We highly recommend InnoResin. They have a very professional team and did a wonderful job. We couldn’t be more satisfied, thank you!
Highly professional team who did a wonderful job !
Beautiful results! Highly recommend the INNO Resin products.
Exclusive distributor in Australia and New Zeland